Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

June 21, 2009
Happy Father's Day!

Brandon, Marie and the kids invited Grandpa and me to go for a ride and picnic with them to Bryce Canyon National Park! We left after chuch and had a great time! The park was not charging a fee, so we drove up and into the park and found a place for our picnic. Brandon and Marie barbequed hamburger and hotdogs with all the trimmings. Mmm good!

We drove on up through the park and stopped at the pullouts and walked the trails to see the incredible pinnacles of Bryce Canyon. It is really amazing.

We even called Great Grandpa Nelson from out on one of the points to wish him Happy Father's Day. He was quite surprised to hear where we were calling him from! We all had a good visit with him.

We came back down the canyon and stopped at Old Bryce Town by Ruby's Inn and wandered around there. Grandpa treated us all to ice cream cones! Yummy! We headed for home and arrived here at bedtime! What a fun day...time together, beautiful scenery, and good food. Doesn't get much better than that, unless we could have stayed. We are trying to plan a time to do just for the weekend!

Young Women Girls Camp

June 18-20, 2009

Richard and I were called to be the Priesthood Couple at YW Girls Camp for Thurber Ward. We both love Girls Camp and have spent lots of years camping with the young women, especially me. This year camp was up at Elk Horn Campground on the Thousand Lake, about 8900 ft. It was COLD! It rained, snowed, frost on the tents (and trailer), but we did get one good day on Friday. Sat it rained again and we took down camp in the rain and headed for home about 9:30 am. It is an incredible experience to spend time with the girls and the leaders. There is such a spirit at Girls Camp that is hard to describe unless you have had that opportunity/blessing to attend. We are looking forward to next year!

This is the ONLY time that Richard and I are "matchy" with our shirts, but the girls always make us shirts to match theirs, so we wear them! Aren't we cute!

1st Campout in New Trailer

June 11-14, 2009

We headed for our favorite place for our first campout....West End of Boulder Mountain!

Teona Ann came down and Brandon, Marie and kids joined us too! We all stayed in the new trailer to really try it out and make sure it worked with all of us! We had a great time! The weather was a little cold....rain...hail....wind...but the furnace works really well, so all was good. The guys got some poles cut and some firewood and us girls and kids just had a grand time.

It doesn't take much to keep us entertained, as long as we are camping.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Out with the Old....In With the New!

June 2009

Happy Anniversary to Richard and Teona! We have been married for 36 years!! So, we spoiled ourselves and bought us a NEW trailer. We are looking forward to retirement and enjoying each other and lots of new places, but especially camping with our family.

We have had our Layton trailer for 10 years and have enjoyed LOTS of fun camping trips, both far and near. I was a little sad to see it go (not as emotional as when we traded the bunk model that we raised the kids in) but lots of good memories in this trailer. One thing is for sure, the trailers may change, but our love of camping and the memories we make are still strong and priceless.

The new Sandpiper is a little longer, 29 ft, and has two slideouts so it is really roomy. The dining area and the couch slide out and across from the couch is a loveseat with 2 recliners. There is room for a crowd. Anyone want to Go???

The bedroom looks large because the bed slides out and gives us extra room at the foot of the bed. There is a shower stall, no tub...sorry babies, the kitchen sink for you.

My favorite area is the kitchen!! I love all the cupboards and the counter space. There is a table that attaches to the end of the cabinet so we can really spread out the food, if we have to eat inside! Anybody hungry for camping food???

We are looking forward to camping this weekend with the kids out on Boulder. The following weekend we are going to YW Girls Camp as the Priesthood Couple so we will enjoy it then also. We are looking for places to go and people to go with us! Anybody want to GO???

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ryan was HOME!!

March 19-24, 2009

It was GREAT!! Ryan flew in to SLC and Teona Ann and Grandpa Nelson picked him up at the airport. Teona Ann was the official driver, she drove up to Logan and picked up Grandpa and then back to airport for Ryan and then home to Bicknell. We had a great weekend. Ryan got to "PLAY"....lots of different ways...

with the neices and nephews.....playing house...Ryan liked the part when Laine put him down for a rest!

with Grandpa, Teona Ann and all of us looking at fish. (Laine ask him if he was going to church when he put his jacket on!! a little over dressed for looking at fish!) The weather was great and we just hung out outside....
cooking with Grandma Jensen...and with the kids...

checking out the ranch with Dad and Brandon. Brandon is showing him where they are going to build their home. Do you think they look like the "3 Musketeers"

playing the piano and letting his Mom sing along! Sharing his talents with the kids.....

picnic at Aldridge with the other Jensen's....

hiking up to the old cabin of Great Grandma Jensen (Curtis), Talmage kept asking him how come he could just jump over the creek and we had to find rocks to step on? He wished he had long legs like Uncle Ryan.

visiting with Grandpa Nelson....lots of stories to tell.....

of course, his "other" mother had to come for a visit, lots of good memories with the Hiskey's!

and then.....the inevitable good-byes! That's the part I don't deal well with....
but it just means it is time to start planning our trip to the Big Apple to see him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Go Hiking!

January 19, 2009
We spent the afternoon at Capitol Reef National Park at the Grand Wash trail. Richard and I, Brandon, Marie, Talmage, Laine and Sawyer, Dennis and Maridee, Lisa, Olivia and Drew were all together for the fun. We packed a simple picnic and enjoyed our sandwiches and the sunshine before we started our hike.

The Grand Wash trail is a great place for the kids, big and little! Lots of fun places to climb up in to and of course have your picture taken. The weather was perfect, a little cool in the shade but great in the sunshine. The trail was "a little" muddy, will be kids and who cares!?

Laine, Drew, Olivia, Talmage, Sawyer

We had a great time! The park is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. We are really lucky to live here next to the Park. Hope we get to spend lots of time here this spring and summer.